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13th July 2020 
Weight Loss. Journal Cover Book

My book has been released on Amazon:


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An interactive book offering advice, meal planners and 60 pages of diary sheets and weekly review sheets that will help you lose weight safely and steadily and keep it off. It will help you feel fitter and gain powerful techniques to increase your willpower and self-control. So whether you have just a few pounds or a few stones to lose, this book can help you reach your goals. There are 60 days of diary pages to help keep you on track. There are also pages to review your progress and charts to complete to monitor your progress.



If you are seeking help with weight control, I offer four different hypnotherapy treatments to help you lose weight. All treatments begin by considering your current eating and exercise habits to help me tailor the hypnotherapy programme to your specific needs.

Weight Control Options

The One Session Treatment for those with less than a stone to lose. In this session you will be helped to develop the willpower you need to enjoy healthier eating, drinking and exercise habits.
The session lasts for approximately 2 hours and costs 90.

The Two Session Treatment Suitable for those with one or two stone to lose and who have a good knowledge of their nutritional requirements to achieve weight loss but who prefer to focus on changing their thoughts about eating and boosting their will-power and self-
Sessions 1 land 2 last for 1 hour and cost 50 each session.

The Three Session Treatment especially suitable for those with two or more stone to lose and who wish to also have nutritional advice. In this programme you will be helped to develop the willpower you need to enjoy healthier eating, drinking and exercise habits, stop cravings and develop a positive body image.
Sessions 1, 2 and 3 last for 1 hour and cost 50 per session.

Ongoing Support for Weight Loss
Some clients may prefer to have ongoing support during their weight loss programme especially if they have a lot of weight to lose. In the first month, there are 2 hypnotherapy sessions which include an initial consultation to identify needs, provision of nutritional advice and hypnotherapy to enhance willpower, self-control and motivation. This is followed by monthly hypnotherapy sessions providing ongoing support and reinforcement to further support your commitment to getting to your target weight. Each session lasts for 60 minutes hour and costs 50.

WILL THESE PROGRAMMES WORK FOR ME? The key to success is YOU! NO weight loss system will work unless you are really committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and life-style. If you are totally serious about losing weight then I can help you achieve your goals.

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...... constant loss each week. Have lost another 9 pounds this month! Am now 3 pounds away from 3 stones loss.

...... am still losing and have lost another 12 pounds and it’s very easy sticking to what I should eat.

...... am 3/4 pound away from 4 stone loss now.

...... I've now lost 1st 7lb in weight and feeling good. It's been so easy to stick to but I'm positive without your help I would have given up by now. I don't have snacks, crisps, cakes, biscuits.

...... I have dropped a dress size but most importantly I am having NO trouble keeping to my sensible, healthy eating regime.

...... I have lost a further 11lbs ... and don't feel the need to overeat.

...... I really have no desire for fatty, sugary foods at all, which I find totally amazing. Best of all I have so much more energy, my skin is better and I am happier too.